MODEL CALL (Summer Season)

Virtual DIVA Couture STORE
MODEL CALL (Summer Season)
- Only Female Models;
- Send a notecard to Widelmina Zeminoba Bucio or myself Angels Kristan with the name:
MODEL CALL and (your name) that
contains 2 photos(full body and close up) 2048 x 2048, png photo, wearing Virtual Diva's products.
- Deadline June 25 2015 to send your notecards.
- The result will be presented on June 27 2015 in our Fan Page and Oficial Group.
- Those who are selected will be part of our oficial Summer Campaing, 
- Only 3 Female Models will be select for this first Model Call.
5,000 VIRTUAL DIVA Gift Voucher Each
A new design will be named after each model and it will be part of the vendor photoshoots.
A payment of 1000 lindens for each vendedor you model for us.


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