1 • You must have a good sense of fashion and have a great style.

(This contest its not exclusive for only for profesional models. ).

2 • Your age in second life must be more than 6 months.

 To participate send a Notecard with picture of yourself  Full body & Head shot 2040x2040  to Angels Kristan ( Formal Gown  from VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE)

Name your Notecard : Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2015  Your Name – 

Please send quality pictures..Do your best! 

3 • You also need to add your photo to our official Flickr group:(obligatory)

Phase 1:

 Participants will be selected by Application Entry  in August (Formal Gown)
August 31 deadline

Phase 2:

 Participants  will be select by Audition Life   

Phase 3:

The Winner will be Select in Our Big Final Fashion Show Challange 

Dead lines.

Phase 1

• August 31  2015  Application Entry For the Audition

Phase 2

•  Official Life Audition  For the selection of our  Official Candidates

Phase 3

• : Final show :Challenge  & Election of  Miss  VIRTUAL DIVA 2015

The final fashion challenge will be front to 5 judges



All applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Must have an active Flickr account
– Own an Active Blog – 
– Like the -VIRTUAL DIVA- Fan  Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VirtualDivaACouture
- Join our Flirck Model Group https://www.flickr.com/groups/2833284@N24/
– For the duration of the Miss VIRTUAL DIVA contest, please include a pick to the -VIRTUAL DIVA - mainstore in your profile.

If you have any questions regarding Miss VIRTUAL DIVA  2015 please contact  Evelia Verwood.
Wish you the best luck!

Angels Kristan 􀀂◈ VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE –CEO& Owner ◈


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