Miss Virtual Diva 2016 -


1 • You must have a good sense of fashion and have a great style.
(This contest its not exclusive for only for profesional models. ).

2 • Your age in second life must be more than 6 months.

3 • Should have a flexible schedule for meetings, photographs and fashion shows  organize by
Virtual Diva Couture

4 • Please ensure you are available for all  Competition´s dates.

5* You don't had to be a Lady in RL to join this contest, if you think you have what it takes to be our Next Brand Face.. BRING IT ON!


┊┊┊☆ HOW TO ENTER ☆ ┊┊┊

Take a Full body & Closeup of your look  2500x2000 ( Free Style from VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE)

Please send your quality pictures..
With the title  : Miss VIRTUAL DIVA 2016- Your Name – to our Email virtualdivacouture@hotmail.com

Upload  your photos to our official Flickr group:(obligatory) 


**Deadlines for entries: 1st Picture Enter April 30
Second and Final Enter May 31**


Meeting with the semifinalists: 5th June

1st  Challenge: June 12 - 2:00 pm Slt

2nd Challenge: June 19 - 2:00 pm Slt

Announcement of top 10 Finalists

Grand Final: 9th July - 2:00 pm Slt 


┊┊┊☆ PRIZES ┊┊┊

1. Reign as Miss VIRTUAL DIVA  for 2016 with a beautiful Crown (Angels Kristan´s Exclusive Desing).
2. Receive a  prize  consisting of L$10K cash of VIRTUAL DIVA
3. Have a beautiful GOWN named after her Exclusive Gown  
4. A Model Contract with VIRTUAL DIVA for a year
5. 25k in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE products.
6.FULL SCHOLARSHIP of Versus Academy. 
7.INTERVIEW in Versus Magazine 
8.Walk as a  Angel in The Fantasy Angels Fashion Show, April 2017
9. Glitter´s Exclusive Gown  
10. Gift card of 1500 by  Ghee 
11. Cover and Interview for the winner by Models Magazine
12. Cover and Interview for the winner by Virtual Diva Magazine

Thanks to Our Sponsors for this Amazing Prizes!


1. 15k in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE Products

2. A contract with   VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE as one of our  OFFICIAL MODELS for a year.

3.Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE

4.Pose´s Set  by Glitter - 

                                                      5. Gift card 1000L by Ghee 

                                     6.Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for BAXE

7. 1000L in cash for BAXE


1. 10k in VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE Products

2. 2. A contract with   VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE as one of our  OFFICIAL MODELS for a year.

3.Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE

5. Gift card 500L by Ghee 

6.Appear in a Vendor Advertisement for BAXE

7. 500L in cash for BAXE


All applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Must have an active Flickr account
– Own an Active Blog – 
– Like the -VIRTUAL DIVA- Fan  Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VirtualDivaACouture
- Join our Flirck Model Group https://www.flickr.com/groups/2833284@N24/
– For the duration of the Miss VIRTUAL DIVA contest, please include a pick to the -VIRTUAL DIVA - mainstore in your profile.

If you have any questions regarding Miss VIRTUAL DIVA  2016 please contact  Angels Kristan or our Managers Evelia Verwood and Marpil Grafenwalder (marpil)
Who will be the Next Face of Fashion...?

Angels Kristan 􀀂–CEO& Owner◈ VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE Store
                                  CEO& Owner◈   MISSVIRTUAL DIVA Anual Contest.
                                             CEO & Editor in Chief.◈ VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE Magazine


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